June 2004 - Visit Caslav AFB - Article Dutch Aviation Magazine:
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Next to the article we'd like to show you 
some images of the visit:
We show you some Mig-21 images...
...and some Alca's L-159
Roundels and camo in the Nato toned-down colors
View in the front-part of the Mig-21 twinseater analog cockpit
and the backseat analog as well
Some history as well, this SU-7BM Fitter preserved at the base
...and this Flogger Mig-23 enjoys it's old days
Still able to fly at any time, the L-29 Delphin, 
though no longer in operational use now
Maintaining the L-159 Alca engine
The ALCA L-159 (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft)
View at the digitalised avionics of L-159, and rather advanced it is !
Mig-21 in the beautiful dark/light-grey camoflage
and next to it his brother...
The ' other' camo
Alca frontal
The real plane !
Overview of the maintainance hangar at Caslav
safe at home !
Fishbed flying missions in the afternoon
Back for debriefing
Arriving at platform
Still to be seen operational fortunately
Times change. Later on we'll be happy to report about the Gripen !
AF logo in original colors. (The other version is in camo)  
Logo Namest nad Oslavu
L-39ZA at Caslav AFB outside on platform 
L-39ZA in maintainance hangar
Nice Albatros on the Aero L-139 !
Comm. pplk Josef Hlava having conversation and interview 
with Kees Otten about the base, future plans and
 ' Pilot and Airplane' magazine. 
Thank you Commander in Chief Hlava and Michal for your kind hospitality !
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