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The Alouette II  called 'LAMA'    Here on the Zermatt platform...
... high up in the Swiss mountains...   ... very capable of working in the snow.
Flying sharp between the trees...   ... pilots know exactly how far they can go.
The Lama is extremely good at high altitudes   A complete white-wash while departing.
Colorful bright clean hangars...   ... and always snow in wintertime to clean up.
While winter season and a lot of work...   ... Air Zermatt leases some civil helicopters (Ecureuil)
... as well as this Jet Ranger   Fully equipped for the job.
Air Zermatt's own Ecureuil...   ... parked in it's hangar, 
... but when needed in no time outside   ... wheels away and fully operational
... the surgeon gets in with his special bag   ... the 'red attack' bag for first aid
... never knowing what to expect out there   ... off and away to the victim
... sometimes very less sight (whitewash)   ... when needed a hot refuel to go instantly again !
The 'Parade-horse' , the Eurocopter   ... fully equipped with medical stuff
... constantly checked for safety of patients   ... and put back after a mission in it's hangar.
Standard whitewash as log as there is snow   Surgeon is Dr. Volker Lische, a German dokter...
He likes to be of help with Air Zermatt...   ... and he flies in his holidays (!) 
... to give victims first aid, and he does this,    while the rest of the family is out skiing !
We know him as an extremely dedicated man...   ... who was very busy with his flights, 
... and in between he gave us the interview.   Central point of Air Zermatt, the office
In between the same pattern, maintainance...    ... and suddenly alarm, go, go, go !
Later on the helicopter approaches the small platform   ... and lands accurate, a fine sight when so near.
Dr. Volker Lische, the EC-135 frontal, and a view at it's cockpit. 
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