APACHES train for AFGHANISTAN        

Dutch 'KONINKLIJKE LUCHTMACHT'  trains skills to the max !!

  Anticipating on a visit to Afghanistan we report about fast refuelling our Apache's 
       a Dutch Aviation Media publication for 'Aranysas' 
At night the Dutch Apaches have to refuel several times if neccessary
301 Sqn 301 Sqn
It's a matter of good training, in the dark ofcourse. We followed it at Gilze Rijen AFB 301 Sqn 
Once a view on the Gilze-Rijen platform from where the Apaches start their hot-refuel training
We report in a short story about these machines, our extended Afghanistan story will follow
Apaches in their hangars at Gilze Rijen. All equipment and armament 100 % checked !
With NVG's and armament 100 % checked, the Apache is a Killer !

  Hold your eye on our website ! Soon we'll report about Afghanistan

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Redaction's comment:

Once having been in Afghanistan, you realise the fact that our coalition forces doing their job for the Afghan people is so very, very useful. It's no wonder that the regular inhabitants sometimes still choose for the side that provides them the most, after so many years of war-situation. Still we must not forget that already in the North of Afghanistan very good results have been booked. Not yet has the time arrived to show the 'tremendous' results. To achieve these goals however we must maintain persisting in the way we are able to help the Afghan nation and to dissapate the OMF (Opposing Militant Forces) that stand in the way of creating the base for the Afghan people to build their own new nation, their own economy, to maintain their own peace, and build on a better world for their children and coming generations ! No matter if you recognise Allah or God in yourself, both names must stand for a better world and better humane circumstances.  

Let us also not forget all those people from so many different countries that go there, and try to work on the bases for the new and better conditions. To build, to start schools, to start projects such as planting masses of trees, masses of saffron, building irrigation, to make trading possible and to develop an ecomomy, as small as it yet still may be. Dissapating OMF that act like beasts, that simply kill woman and children without any respect for life itself will not be possible without the use of military means. Realise that your and our men and woman who act overthere, military as well as many civilians, also the ANA, (Afghan National Army) do this under the risk they may have to give the highest good they have: Their own lives for other people's freedom!   
In some time we'll be reporting extendedly on this site about Afghanistan. Thank you Col. Lorraine, Harry, Margreet, Gert-Jan, Lou, Machmut, Zafar, Gijs, Deon, Zalmai, Frederic, Richard, Marcel and Jasper as well as all the men and woman we spoke, saw, and all those we know the're working for a better nation here and in Afghanistan!
Kees Otten & Wim Das
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