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We show you: 'ARANYSAS - HUNGARY' 
FUERZA AEREA reports: Greek Phantoms !
This picture was a special request from Brig.General Anastasios Katsibras


We only had one shot, one chance, for the chute and the nosewheel still up.........
Please enjoy our small photographic impression of the Greek Phantom
Grey Phantom from Andravida
On request, 'The Last Picture' before Gen. Katsibras was replaced to HQ
 Green Phantom from Larisa
Mighty sight just next to you on the runway !
It was a busy day at Larisa, coming and going, checks in between
Andravida the same, loading weapons and checking equipment over and over
But it guarantees safe flights and happy landings !


Araxos hosts the 'real plane' Corsair (T)A-7-E
The Tiger version was seen at many airshows, and what seems to be the party overhere ???
So nice to see this 'Tiger' passing by at only a few meters !


The rare YS-11A from 112pm SEAV   Embraer WMB145H Vip plane
Transportplanes: Spartan C-275-J and the Hercules C-130B from 112pm 356MTM
Elefsis also hosts the Orion P-3b-LW and the A109E Medicopter
Hercules crew in their cockpit   The Embraer EMB145H AEW&C
Some badges, logo's of the squadrons
HUEY or Iroquis AB205A 
The Erickson AIRCRANE S-64E   Firefighter CL-215 in maintainance hall
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Kalamata is said to be the base with the most # of starts and landings over whole Greece !
We were welcomed very friendly and were shown all aspects of the Texan II T-6A trainer
Next we find on thie base the outside Greece hardly seen Buckeye T-2E trainer
A real pleasure to see this plane fly, as well as the all of a sudden landing Hercules
A variety of planes at Kalamata, from the PZL Dromedar to the old Cessna T-37's


Fighting Falcon F-16D-30-CF, and F-16C-52+CF, all to be found here 
Next to the 'Falcons' there are also the 'Phantoms Phorever' , flying like hell
MCDonnell Douglas Phantom RF-4E-45-MC's from 348 MTA
same type in special colours, and a Sabre II CL-13 preserved
Also some other bases to be shown:

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