Dutch Aviation Support 2007 contributes in Regiment Hungary :
Mai 1940 the germans took this fortress by surprise
The Belgians were completely swept away in this huge complex...
... and 1200 men had to surrender within two days !
Entry and frontpart of the Eben Emael Fortress
The belgians had it all figured out with heavy concrete bunkers and defense walls
Many elements are still to be seen overthere, also some cannons still remain, silent these days....
Example of the domes of the Fortress, which was to defend the river 'Maas' area
Entry to the dome stairs (L) Seen from below (M) and a cannon-stut (R). When you climbed up, you stepped on the small plate, close both rectangular hatches and stand on it to control and use the dome.
A view in the command bunker
When the guns fired outside, it must have been like hell inside !
Not forseen was that the germans would start their attack with gliders type DFS 230
Germany was quite far with modern warplanes and tactics those days
Though quite a luxury life before the battle, many men ended up in the mortuary
It looks quite safe inside but they were taken by surprise and flame-throwers
Still to be seen and the Fortress to be visited, try the walking route when you're there !
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