Firefighters !  

Dutch Aviation Support 2008 

A new publication for the independent leading Hungarian aviation magazine 'ARANYSAS'
This year was extreme concerning the fires in the woods in Greece, Spain and Italy
Next to the other Firefighters (Interception) we described, the 'Aircrane' was very active too !
Aircrane in action against the flames,as you can see it's quite a rare bird
Findr it as a Fire-Fighter, or carco transporter
But very useful for many purposes and very flexible
Here a take-off at Elefsis Greece, the crew got in in seconds and had a lift off moments later
It's quit a large area it can do, and refill in almost every lake or sea
The Italian Forestale Aircranes are green, the Greek ones are orange 
Read our article to find out about specifications, or just admire them in 2-ship formation
Greek example shows the details for fire fighting    Extremely heavy construction for the rotorblades 
Cabeling in extreme mountain conditions or refilling bassins where there's no water: Skycrane ! 
Filling up the tanks, and a view in the cockpit
Hard work, heavy job ! Happy landings guys !   A radar in the nose. 
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