Dutch Aviation Support 2007

A new article for the independent leading Hungarian aviation magazine 'Aranysas'
This year was extreme concerning the fires in the woods in Greece, Spain and Italy
Read the story of the men and woman that risk their lives to save others, houses and nature !
Many CL-415 Canadair Firefighters are stand-by on the platform of Torrejon in Spain
All day they are ready to depart They also make many training hours
Here a CL-415 in action Spending much water on the flames
A view at the watertanks 'Bombs away...'!!
Other countries also use the CL-415, like France (Securite Civile) and Italy 
A CL-215 in maintainance.  Read about the differences between the 215 and 415 in our story. eNext the difference between the Greek and the Spanish planes is in fact just the roundel.  
Cockpit, frontpart and rear-part of the CL-415 seen at Thessaloniki Micra in Greece
Charis Charousis showed us all details and explained about this CL-415GR plane in Greece. Waterinlets (L) water is mixed with a special foam (M) and the special inlet is to be turned out while the plane takes it's water in, the tanks are filled up in only seconds !  
Clear skies, while a few  minutes later they will be flying over flames and a lot of smoke
Spanish CL-415 ready, willing and able at Torrejon AFB in Spain . Thank you Charis Charousis from Thessaloniki Micra in Greece, and Marie Cruze from Torrejon Spain for your help !
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