a Dutch Aviation Support 2007 publication

FUERZA AEREA reports: T-6 Texan at KALAMATA !
The centerfold was reserved for this Texan 
Dutch Aviation reports, a photographic impression from KALAMATA AIRBASE 
This base still hosts the Cessna Converters, here resting on the concrete 
Texan II also gets it's maintainance here on the base, right a probe with cockpit pressure 
It's a fine sight to see these white-blue planes snore through sun and air  
Cockpitview, and crew preparing for a mission
Another cockpitview, a dedicated female technician, and even 007 was here ?........
After several check-ups the plane is ready for take-off
Next to the Texan II the Buckeye also has it's home at Kalamata
A rare bird , seldom seen outside Greece
But very nice to observe at this base
And Yes (!) a small ceremony was happening between Turkish and Greek pilots
A hercules comes in , and the also rare Dromedar comes in. Kalamata is said to be the the most busy Airbase in Greece, where they fly as much sorties as at all other Greek bases !
In the mess on a white wall every graduated class paints it's own logo every year !
Texan simulator is also on this base. Right: Buckeyes on tour !
A last view on the Texans, more Greek stories elsewhere on this site
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