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WIn an overview of ten pages we give you an impression of Indonesian Aviation.W
WThat is, the bases we visited, ofcourse there is more to find.W
WWe show you some publications in our magazines,W
Wand here below we present you the other publication(s) that we can show, there will be more later on.W 
Enjoy: INTERCEPTION Greece !

Interception Greece also published. The Sukhoi flying Flanker images on this page: credits TNI-AU
Who wouldn't like to fly such a macjhine in such an environment ?
Indonesian aviation history passes by...
As well as reality does with F-16 and F-5 planes !
Indonesia is one of the few countries that still use the F-5 Tigers
credits Flanker on platform left below: Julius, Alex Sidharta, image provided by Marco Pennings
Here we experienced a nice celebration, 1000 personal flying hours on the F-5 by a pilot.
Press accreditation and reference to our visit in Indonesia

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