The very last flying SycamoreAltenrhein museum Schweiz

 Dutch Aviation Media 2009 publication

This article was published in The Netherlands. Cockpit Switzerland also published an own story.

This is it: The very last flying example with a license !
The man of maintainance is Mr. Dieter Hasebrink, living in Germany
Not flying anymore, but this example is very complete standing in a museum in Germany....'s a rare bird, so seldom seen but parked here as a Nordholz relic !
Look at this fine engine, a miracle those days !
The Bristol Sycamore saw first lifelight in the Royal Airforce
Originally three (wood), later on four rotorblades
A cockpit view, and the HB-RXA (r) is ment to be restored as well when time and money
The type flew in the pos-WW-II period in the German Army and Navy
Today this beauty flies in Switzerland, is parked in Altenrhein and can be bought !
Our special thanks go to Tino Dietsche & Pinter Balasz for their kind cooperation and pic's...
... and specially to Dieter Hasebrink for all your work and mediation between all !
Thanks on behalf of all our readers !!
                                                          Sycamore story in Dutch
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