Typhoon instead of Joint Strikefighter ? 

Dutch Aviation Media 2015
The article is from our Italian collegue Claudio Tatangelo, pictures from Gian Luca Onnis in Aeronautica & Difesa.
We very much appreciate the Italian cooperation and possibility to be able to discuss the matter: Typhoon instead of Joint Strikefighter ??
In a co-publication the Dutch magazine 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' also was able to publish about it.

Do enjoy a small photographic impression belowi

Typhoon of 36 Stormo of Gioia del Colle (Bari) code 36-23 in bomber configuration
37 Stormo of Trapani (this one is without bomb but with the "in-board" pylon for the EGBU-16 and with the "Litening III" pod) code 37-01
Armed Itailan Typhoon 4th Stormo (4th Wing of Grosseto code 4-5)
'Mable Able', equipped with various arms
Any gamer would be jealous on such a dashboard.....  ;-))  Hyper modern and extremely capable.
The British also use the Typhoon in multirole concepts
Examples of the Mauser boardguns
Real killer: The Paveway
The Stormshadow (read about it in the article) 
Result of a typyoon bombing
Eurofighter 'Typhoon' : Very capable and perhaps a smart alternative ?
Collection of 'Flying Paveways'. Credits Jamie Hunter ( thanks Jamie for the use of it )
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