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On with some more aviation related impressions as well as in generall
The images in this article were provided bij Royal Netherlands Airforce (RNLAF)
You never know who's in front of you. That is to say.... when it concerne people... 
But soon it shows to be 'friendly traffic'...
... and this is the goal: safe in the streets and room for trade and traffic   (also below)
A lot of humanitairian flights are required to bring food, water and other supplies...
Flights from different countries...
...and flights under UN flag.
The Apaches are the watch-dogs of the sky, they can protect and fight any agression on the spot if it were neccessary or asked for
Flying a mission, the eyes of the protecting forces...
Missions take place days over but also at night...
These (Cougar) pilots are well trained in 'Brown-Out' or flying in brown sand and dust without visuals to the ground.
AS532UL Cougar (France)
EC 725AP Caragal (France)
Mil Mi8MTV RA22417
The French are well represented in Mali...
SA342M Gazelle 
Also military planes are used for humanitarian tasks.....
.... often 'under the flag of the UN' United nations to avoid all kinds of political discussions
Even China has it's own base near Goa
Back to the Dutch for a moment....
Patrols also due to intelligence, days over and at night as routine or any time if requested.....
.....also at night and within the Camps' walls an eye is kept on the helicopters with night vision equipment... 
 ... also the direct environment of the camp in all sections.
The camouflage nets are also meant as a little bit protection against the sun. 
Less dangerous (no pilots) and very effective: The Scan-Eagle, launched from a special vehicle.
This drone has extremely sharp camera's for very detailed information what happens on the ground.
Once the Scan-Eagle is used, it is 'caught out of the air' with a special wire-construction
It can eassily be brought back to the camp.....
.... and be prepared for another launch. No risks for casualties (pilots)  if whatever happens.
Colonel Sjoerd Lodewijks from DHC gave us the interview about the Dutch mission in Mali..
"The bond with the locals was good, the Dutch Approach worked very well".
This is where we leave you, so far our impressions about the Dutch Airforce mission in Mali near Gao.l
Badge of 'Operation Serval' and the Grizzly of 298 Sqn from Gilze-Rijen DHC Airbase

Our heartfelt thanks to the RNLAF, Sjoerd Lodewijks ,Wim Vis & collegues for making the story possible !!

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