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The final 'Goodbye' for the Polish Mil-MI-14 'Haze' is near....i

Read the article below and enjoy some impressions of this 'Legend'
This SAR version of the MI-14 shows clearly the amfibic qualities
Mil MI-14PL version
The MI-14 was given the nickname 'Haze' by NATO
Cockpit from the times that 'Digital' was still far away...
The winch is extra large to lift the basket with three people maximum
The MI-14 was given the nickname 'Haze' by NATO
Interior of a MI-14, with large fuel tank
Older Russian types do not excel in luxury
Examples of the tools the SAR helicopter may be equipped with
Basket for hoisting people aboard of the helicopter
2 Engines Klimov TV3-117M of 1923 Pk (1454 KW) each
Capacity is about 12 stretchers or 4000 kg cargo. (10-20 persons)
Action range is 1135 km, with a max. load of 800 kg
This is one of the possible candidates to replace the MI-14....
...... as well as this one. The Blackhawk is nowadays also produced in Poland.
For it's time as a amphibious helicopter it was a 'Mighty Machine' that's for sure.
Time will tell what manufacturer will win the 'game'!
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