Royal International Air Tattoo - RIAT 2007

Horvath Zoltan Kees Otten & Wim Das
RIAT, with several hundreds of airplanes is hardly to get in a small impression
Never the less we selected some images to show some highlights and details

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Royal Air Force Oman - BAC-111 R-99A from Brasil
Several helicopters Lynx helicopters from different countries
Transport plane area Jetstream Royal Navy
Crews posing, here the Greek with Thunderbird pilots and the Hungarian crew
Jordan was well represented with information... ... and original tent also for promotion
An English Police team posed Into each life, some rain must fall......
Hong Kong: a Boeing and much more !!! Hard life, being a pilot.... 
The German CHEERS found its place... ... on a cosy table next to the Super Stallion
Teams as Frecce Tricolore flew... ...the Americans had a special 'Bar' !
Jordan was present with it's demo-team Awacs, always imposing
Hellas Hercules Thunderbirds are go !
Sentinel from 5 Sqn All kinds of old-timers
A USAF REserve Command Galaxy The Mighty Indian AF IL-78 Midas
Jordan Hercules Midas with SU-30 Flankers Indian AF
The Americans brought their 'Buff' B-52
English Hawk in fine colors USAF B-1
Cheers chaps ! UK SAR Sea King
Tornado's in different colors to be seen As well as this agressive Italian Pelican
Flying Training School Red Arrows, Blue skies......
F-177 Stealth F-15 Eagle
Spanish Eurofighter And ofcourse the Greek Corsair
and so many many more..... !!
Do visit RIAT next occasion and find out yourself the ultimate experience !
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 Special thanks to Indian AF who gave us the opportunity to see inside the MIDAS IL-78 Tankerplane !