BIERSET HELIDAYS 2007              

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Switzerland   -   Hungary   -   The Netherlands   -   Canada   -   Romania   -   Spain

The international helicoptershow ‘Belgian Helidays’ was organised for the 8th time at Luik-Bierset on 2 and 3 june 2007. This airfield opened it's doors again after ths succes of former years, and offered the public a very fine airshow and static display.In 2005 there were over 100 helicopters from different countries, and over 35000 spectators visited the base. It was widely covered in all kinds of press and magazines. Again this year the profits will be generously given to charity funds of different kinds.
Contribution TopguN - Romania
The raised money will be divided between several Charity Funds !
Several helicopters steal the show, Spanish Aspa team was a special treat !
Don't miss it next occasion, these Bierset helidays !
Please enjoy our small photographic impression:
Bierset Helidays is the largest helicoptershow of Europe ! (Sea King and EC-120B Spanish Demo-team)
Flying helicopters are to be seen ( Dutch Apache and Irish Alouette III )
In spite of some bad weather people do visit, and crews are pleased to pose (ADAC Eurocopter)
Watch closely: Not a Belgian Alouette II but a rare bird of the English Army !
Brandnew Irish Air Corps AW-139 - 301 Sqn Bell 412SP from Slovenia
Helicopters all over the place... And many in line, over 100 in total  
An ultra-light, leading a geese formation :-) A-109 Belgian Airforce in fine colours
          Watching....                                               Observing...                                  ...and being observed !!!
DHFS Griffin departs in style ! So does the Swiss delegation from Alpnach
Danish AS550C2 from ESK 724 with ´abseil´ ropes ...and their proud crew and national flag
Islander from North Sea Aeria Survey British A-109E departs
International pilots talk and exchange information Belgian hospitality, not only for people !
New NH-90 mock-up in the Dutch colours Belgian authorities proud to pose for the NH-90
MI-17 from Hungarian Airforce Hungarian crew, also proud in front of the helicopter
On departure day organisation and some pilots stand as a tribute to the participants
on the steps in front of the departing helicopters head of organisation Mr. Patrick Wauters (light shirt left)
8° Belgian Helidays existed of many demonstration flights, demo's of a diversement of material, presence of many Aircraft and Aircraft related company's, many other (information) stands and finally not to forget the fine snackbars, sandwiches, hot- and cold drinks, military oldtimers, also fixed wing aircraft and many childrens attractions!!
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We like to thank Patrick Wauters & his organisation for the mega-job they performed in 2007 !!