Meiringen Open Days 2007    

A Dutch Aviation Media contribution
Those were rainy days, 23rd and 24th of March 2007
Meiringen had taken so much trouble to get a perfect show and demonstrations
But the weather teased this PC-9...   ... as well as this PC-7 and all visitors !
Highlight was this Belgian F-16AM   Ofcourse the Tigers came out of the caverns
Many displays flown by F-5 Tigers The Porter PC-6 shows out
Also the Hornets took part   But snowy weather remained
Inside there was a lot to see in the hangars   Such as testing the F/A-18 undercarriage 
Admire the inboard gun   Not very often to be seen
There were many demonstrations in the snow   Like a pilot was 'wounded'and to be rescued
Here the Hornet picks up the break-cable   In some seconds the Hornet stops !
Also the Alpnach helicopters...   ... showed their skills along the mountains
 Lets hope for better weather conditions for next occasions.
  With thanks to all involved in the organisation. The catering was super !
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