Tirana's moving steps

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Aranysas publishes about Albania, moving towards Europe steady
Brigada General Astrit Jaupi welcomed us at Tirana Headquarters 
 The fine Agusta A-109 V.I.P. helicopter at Farke Airbase
Farke also hosts the Bell 205A, here incoming and later on posing with crew
Bell 205A + Bell-206-C1form the backbone of Albanian Airforce        Here the V.I.P. MI-8T
Some Z-5 (MI-4 Hound) still guard (preserved) the Farke Airbase, reminding on old times
At Gjader AFB we found long rows of planes in caverns, like these Chinese F-7A (Fishbeds)
Hard light conditions in these pitch-dark, but well protected caves dug in the mountains !
Many many Airplanes are hidden and stored in deep dark cavernes in the mountains
Long, long rows of airplanes, airplanes.... and everywhere these shelter-domes all over Albania !
Some old planes are preserved...  and others come out of their shelters as were they operational !
Hard to believe that these Chinese F-7 (Migs-21) treasures are hidden in caverns today !
Let us sincerely hope that Albania saves this part of history in a museum !
Pictured at Rinas - Tirana Chinese F-5 (Fresco) 
PT-6 (Yak-18) Antonov-2 in 'Swamp' camo
Long rows of lost quantity... ...from the cold war period
They all wait a fatal faith... demolish ! A waist to demolish such a piece of history
As they stand here they should be transported to any museum actually, but..... 
Entrance of Kucove... NATO base in future
The Commander of Kucove Ecureuil Police heli's at Laprake-city
In the middle of the town Laprake we find the Alouette III SAR services
Brigadier Jaupi Commander Airforce The very modern Airport of Tirana

We give special thanks to Brig. General Jaupi and to Haxhi, our help and friend !

 Plate at HQ Tirana Preserved SAM in front of HQ
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