Guest at the Italian 'Flight Test Wing' at Pratica di Mare
Photographic impression below
    Join us again in a photographic impression and read the article below if you like
The Raparto Sperimentale Volo is the Italian 'Test Flight Wing'
Testflights are made with- and in service of new and older planes inside the Italian Airforce...
...but also for other units such as Polizia, Carabinieri, Guardia Stradale-, Finanzia etc.
The G-222 is in fact phased out, but still in use with RSV for various purposes
Other types: The AMX... ...Tornado IDS
... MB-339 Also RSV works on the Eurofighter 
Some work in the hangars The RS letters show it's an RSV plane
Mostly only on Airshows to be found Basecommander and G-222 Crew
G-222 shows his tricks   And shows us as 'present' the flags !
 The flying tube, still respected highly by the Italian Pilots ! Here parked in the historical corner
The Defender is also used for small logistics The Tornado IDS is the test-horse !
Many old test-planes rest in a sort of museum all over the base, as these Piaggio's PD-808 do...
...and the (left) Aermacchi MB-326K is kept still flying by the pilots as some sort of hobby !
We were treated a meal very kindly, pilots discuss their work as sometimes 'a piece of cake'...
Dutch Aviation Support reported in Aranysas - Hungary !                Thank you Dennis for your day with us !!
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