Summer 2009 - a publication of Ronald Stark - Kees Otten - Wim Das

A sunny reportage from Comox Canada - 407 & 442 Squadrons
Enjoy the article and the photographic impressions of this 'Base with a Vision'!
This may be this vision, accompanied by this gateguard with pilots in the cockpit !
Buffalo, and Cormorant in the background
Buffalo in the grass, and right a Cormorant cockpitview
Nose (radar) and engine in small maintainance
It's a striking appearance, this yellow bird ! 
Any vacancy's to fill overthere in that sunny environment ???
442 is the Search and Rescue Squadron of Comox
The Cormorant is the Canadian Forces designation for the AgustaWestland EH101
In use with the 442 Transport & Rescue Sqn
A CC-115 in major overhaul in maintainancer hall - Right a so called 'Nightsun'
The CP-140 Aurora or Demon from 407 Maritime Patrol Squadron
407 logo, and AIMP logo
The CP-140 reminds us Dutch on NAS Valkenburg, unfortunately our Orions have been sold....
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