Spanish Army Aviation - COLMENAR VIEJO !

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Bolkows, Puma's Hueys, Chinooks. It's all there ! 
The base of General Guan Esteban Verastegui - We show you a photographic impression.
Pilot straps in, and the BO-105 Bolkow engine is started 
Spanish Army also uses the Superpuma 
UH-1H Huey's on the platform... ... cosy in the hot Spanish sun ! 
All day there was activity, testing...   ... and training flights this day
Logo on a Chinook, the mighty 'Boeing Table'in the VIP Room and a large tapestry on the wall
The Bolkow practices over the hot concrete 
A Chinook is testing engines, rotors and avionics after maintainance 
Colmenar Viejo has own maintainance halls at it's disposal... 
... as well as higlly developed simulator facilities. 
All activities and circumstances can be followed and influenced, in certain trajects 
Simulation, manipulation... All actions are observed and later on debriefed  
Not only by the pilots, but also here during a standing lunch / interview with 
General Guan Esteban Verastegui and his staff.  Thanks for your hospitality and all co-opereation !
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