Open Days Dutch Airforce 2006

Dutch Aviation Support reports:   RED contra BLUE   in TopguN Magazine Romania
For our publication of the Blue Angels see also TopguN and other magazines
Tower of Airbase leeuwarden, seen from out of the helicopter
Almost too much was there to see it all in one day... A small photographic impression.
The SAR AB Helicopter is stationed at Leeuwarden An NLM Fokker was to be seen
The Press Alouette III Also representing: The Gripen !
BAS !  (Best Available Seats...) Ofcourse the Typhoon Eurofighter showing out
Patrouille de Suise never dissappoints ! History next to present
A German Breguet Atlantique  These are for real, not radio controlled.....
The Dutch VIP Fokker Well done, mind your ears buddy !!
The article concerns the 'Red Force' aganist the 'Blue Force'
Ofcourse in sportly competition
All teams gave a marvellous show ! For the Blue Angels go to TopguN mainpage (scroll down)
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