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Aeroporto Militare L. Rovelli Amendola

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Sign at the gate of Amendola The pilots study at their flightplans
Dennis our host explains about the base Such as armament, a firm canon in the nose !
When they overhaul the machines, they overhaul thoroughly !
Missions for longer distance are no problem, refuelling air-to-air
The AMX depart from out of their sun protecting shelters...
... and fly their training missions of that day
The AMX-T twinseater trainer
The AMX-T twinseater trainer
I can think of worse places to be......
All over Amendola there are various types of relics
External fuel tanks stored on the field
Interesting detail: Amandola practises with the Predator UAV !
Some paintings on the concrete noise reducing wall where the jet-engines start - Logo 32 St.
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