BRILLIANT MARINER 2006 - Den Helder Harbour  

Dutch Aviation Media visited the:


Enjoy our prhotographic impressions of this part of the exercise in Den Helder Harbours (NL)



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We were welcomed on board this shipTTTTTTTTT Seems the Sea-Hariers were greeting us
All planes were anchored because of the rest-period in the Dutch harbours
The Sea King: action when Harriers fly TTTTTTTTTTTTTThe Lift, seen from down belowTT
Commandante De Querol Pagan gave us interview in his office
Some pictures of Principe d'Asturias on the dock in the harbour
She's very long indeed !BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBelow deck the 'Bell' rings...
The sun decided to shine for us a short while to capture these Sea-Harriers on deck
Unfortunately no operational pictures but who may say in future ?...
We hope to meet Commandante De Querol Paga again on his mighty ship !


Proudly showing the Italian Flag over the Sea King the 'San Giorgio' allowed us a visit
San Giorgio in Rotterdam's HarbourCCCCCCCCCCCCarrying loads of military material
TTTTThe Bridge, overlooking it all...                             the guard is in front of the Sea King.
View on the largde deck with all the material well secured with chains
Long rows of (medium) light material and helicopters on the deck
A view on the bridge inside 
  Captain Attilio had all the time for us and explained about his ship and missions...
... putting his material ashore later on the exercise in a 'imaginary' country in Scandinavia.
Thank you Captain for your hostility !

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 Hardly ever seen in Holland !
One of the few visitors (rest-period) was the Canadian Sea King
 The Sea King came from the Canadian Command-ship...
 ...and had some checks and mainatiance on the Den Helder platform
 After checks for the 'King' and some coffe for the crew the helicopter departs...
 ...back to the ship in the harbour near-by in the 'Nieuwe Haven'.


Canadian Command HMCS 'ATHABASKAN' and Spanish F-102 Almirante Juan de Borbon
Sea Sprite on board of the Polish participant, we were not allowed to visit unfortunately
Though we won't hold you from viewing this beauty !
Large Spanish Command ship the 'GALICIA' and various accompanying ships
To day sunday and rest, but sailors are already coming on board again for deparure the next day
Special thanks: Lt-ter-Zee admie2e klasse oudste cat.Grooteman for spending your sunday with us

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