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Impressions Planes & Pods:
ECR Tornado with HARM
Just landed: Spanish Hornet Sunny weather for this Phantom
The Turkish Phantom on finals, seconds before touchdown
Passing by slowly Polish SU-22, acted as agressor
Fitter from 8-Elt Poland on finals
Good view at EADS, Recce Photopod, Hindenburg ext. fueltank and CEBERUS Ecm-pod
IDS Tornado from AG51, chaff/flare dispenser and EADS recce pod
As above, but from behind View at flare dispenser
Chaff-flare dispenser EADS German AF recce pod
CEBERUS ecm, HARM missile Chaff-flare and Hindenburg ext. fueltanks
Left wing Sky-shadow ECM, ALARM missile and Chaff-flare is his load...
Sky shadow ECM pod Greek F-16 MLU lands at Lechfeld
Detail of ACMI pod (tip) and HARM LANTIRN and LITENING under the F-16
Sidewinder missile and ext. fueltank in good view, also HARM on the inventory
Turkish F-16 carries LANTIRN and Litening
Sidewinder dummy, MAVERICK, ext. fueltanks and HARM is this one's load
HARM and ACMI for this Spanish Hornet End od mission, up to debrief
Lechfeld overview and more coming up ! 
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Wim Das - Kees Otten - Koos Heemskerk Elite 2008
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