Dutch Aviation Support reported in 2006 in the Romanian aviation magazine TopguN

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TopguN reports. Thanks Lian for translating !
Herr Keune, organisation of Elite 2006 Bolkow 105 sneeks from behind some bushes
Cockpits of the Phantom
After a mission planes are prepared and refuelled directly to be stand by directly
The Turkish team posed for us.... we hope to visit them in 2009
.... at the Schwabstadl Kaserne
Other participants from Landsberg such as Norwegian Falcons, Greek Hercules...
 ... German Transall's and a Huey
Pilots mostly had attention for the Press and gave their greetings
All countries working together , Greece, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Poland
 Last landing.... Last detail, ACMI pod, delivered by IAI (Israel)
Landsberg base and Tower Well, follow us to Elite 2008 here below ??
Next to all Tornado 'Gents' this pretty 2nd Lieutenant of Hellenic Airforce was a nice apparicion !
... and the longer you wait, the more crews appear ;-)  Thank you all !
Next to the Italian Tornado's the special colored German Tornado was very welcome to see as well
Back to Base !
More Lechfeld, Laupheim & Landsberg overview coming up ! 
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Thank you Herr Keune for all your cooperation and opportunities !


Wim Das - Kees Otten - Elite 2008