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Aeronautica gives a fine impression about the Elite exercises 2006 - 2008
Details about the environment...
... the different types of planes mostly seen at Lechfeld ...
... and the electronic warfare. Catch and be caught or avoid it. We show you an overview in pictures 
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Ground Based Air Defence
First a small overview of the participating bases of 2008 in the West and South of Germany
Heuberg is the range where planes, radar systems, and SAM equipment can be practiced
Patriot system by Royal Netherlands Airforce
Allo systems work with- and against eachother in this hughe electronic warfare exercise  
Truck with blinding camouflage, and installation guided by radar
Such as the Dutch Patriot missile system against planes, and plane try to disturb the system
Right the extremely strong radarsystem
The maximum of nations participated, such as here the Turkish Airforce
Rapier II system
Everything can be tested and examined on functionality and skills of the personell
Turkish team demonstrated the equipment
It's too much to show it all, but we try. Here the Hungarian surface to air missile system
SA-6 Gainful system (Hungary)
Besides flares, there is ofcourse no live firing of these missiles, but it can be done virtual
Gainful system and its operator inside the vehicle
Various radar systems are in use, both Eastern and Western technologies. Best of both worlds.
Gainful radar vehicle (L) and a radar of Russian produce (R) both Hungary
 Above and below the Czech site with SAM system established in the open field
SA-6 Gainful system Czech Airforce
Priority is to work with the equipment, in times of war the vehicle can be camouflaged well
SA-6 Gainful system Czech Airforce
The Gainful was used by the Czech, Germans and Hungarians  
Nice overview picture of the complete configuration of the Czech in the field
Small inside, but enough space to use the high-tech equiment read all about it in our article
SA-6 Gainful system radar dish
Portable surface to air missile unit Czech Republic
RBS-70 SAM system
Command truck and complete crew of this defense system
RBS-70 SAM system
German HEER Unit 'FLAK' (Flugzeug Abwehr Kanonen Panzer) 
Gepard guns, based on the Leopard I 
HEER is the landcomponent of the German Armed Forces
Gepard, all weather capable 'FLAK-Panzer' 35 mm Oerlikon autocannons 
The Dutch brought a brandnew radar system, purchased but even in factory stade still !
Very strong brandnew Ericksson radar system
Don't touch, it's made of paperboard and polyester. Only visual deter means
Fake 'Makebelieve' defense systems 
Rows of 'guns' can give the impression an area is heavily guarded 
Fake 'Makebelieve' and camp
Transport tasks and VIP's and press are taken care off by helicopter
Sea King - German Navy Kiel
Advanced Short Range Air Defense all target missile system in use by several nations 
Asrad Air Defense System
Many soldiers have individual tasks in the field
Latvian (L) and Finnish (R) soldiers at work with their specific tools
The Austrian radar system. Same as used by Argentine in the Falklands war 
Skyguard pulse-doppler radar mounted on trailer
Next to Patriot there are many other anti-aircraft missile systems
Left: Mistral rocket launcher - Right: Croutale rocket launcher
Various stand alone vehicles were to be seen in action at Heuberg
L: Wiesel Armoured Weapons Carrier   -   R: Radar detecting and positioning system
 Finnish used target designation radar system and Asrad missile launcher on tank (M)
 L & R: Target Asrad-R Missile unit radar 
Several hand fired systems, such as the Dutch team, simply to be transported by Jeep 
Dutch renewed Stinger hand fired missile
(L) Mostly a gunner and an observer work together  (R) This Jeep is a complete command center  
Dutch renewed Stinger hand fired missile
High tech receivers, advanced posts, all to catch the 'bad Guys' : The planes. 
German Tornado at 'high speed low pass' to surprise the enemy radar
 The French used a complex varity of radar systems divided over a large area
Several French radar systems combined (above / below)
It's all about catching, being caught and avoiding being caught by systems...
... This Transall spits flares to avoid contact with surface-to-air missiles ...
... as the 'Stallion' or 'Super jolly green giant' does (below)
Photographer Koos Heemskerk nearly waited a day in the cold wind to make this picture !
 HEER CH-53 launches flares
For information all 'in the field' didn't mind to give all kind of information for the article
L: Officer Kaeffer (organisasion) M: A Spanish soldier R: Cpt. Stransky Hungary
Almost an endless row of vehicles, equipment and systems, scroll dosn for the article
'Crotale' launcher    The older SA-6 rocket launcher
Finishing this overview with the Spanish team,participating for the first time at the GBAD range... 
... a flight of a Landsberg Transall and a target which is 'leak as a basket'. Well done !  
Thanks to all who made it possible to show this all to our readers !!!
                Flying planes of Lechfeld coming up !                
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