Very Short Photographic Impression of one week Austrian Airforce

Rudi Thumfarth, how you succeeded in surprising us over the whole week !!
We were able to fly in almost all types of aircraft...
... and looking back we had a tremendous week, exept for one rainy morning.
We give the readers a short photographic impression of some visits we had. Please enjoy !
GRAZ - Pilots just returned gave interview   Graz - F-5 Tiger, leased from Switzerland
 Canon in the nose of the F-5 Tiger   Zeltweg Alouette III
It's not possible to show all pictures. Though a CD or DVD is available, send us a mail (see contact-page) 
      Photo Blackhawk above: Martin Scharenborg   Blackhawk under sunny conditions
Cockpit of the Blackhawk   Testing the engine, in rainy weather
Tulln-Langenlebarn maintainance   We were lucky to fly the PC-6 Porter !
Typical plane, the Skyvan transport plane   Lt.Col. Krasser explained about Austrian AF
Friendly crew, willing to pose   SAAB 105 at Linz Horsching 
Perfect flown demo for the Press at Linz !   Two pilots next instead behind eachother in SAAB-105
Hercules crew, some moments before we fly   Cockpit of the Hercules, impressing over the mountains
View at the hatch, marvellous sight !   Loadmasters strapped on, at the hatch
 Another type at Linz: The Kiowa   We also had the pleasure of flying this Huey !
Pilot of the SAAB 105 demo. We enjoyed it !!   She remains a beautyqueen !! Alouette III
  Some badges , hobby for some to collect as many as possible.....
Zeltweg: DEMO PC-7  'Viper'    Fliegerschule - PC-7 at Zeltweg
Some logo's over the airfield Zeltweg
 It's not possible to show all pictures. Though a CD or DVD is available, send us a mail (see contact-page)  
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Thank you Rudi Thumfarth for all yor trouble, attention and arrangements !
Thank you Martin Scharenborg for your co-operation in putting available the two pictures !