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Short Photographic Impression of C-130K Hercules Austrian Airforce
It's not possible to show all pictures. Though a CD or DVD is available, send us an mail (see contact-page) 
C-130K       C-130K
Linz-Horsching - Home base of C-130K  CC Lt.Col. Krasser explained about Austrian AF
Hercules prepared for departure, a small check program is followed 
Hercules crew, some moments before we fly   C-130K on the platform in front of the Tower
Characteristic windows of the 'Herc'    Inside the plane. Troopers or cargo.
Here we go !
Some nice views.....   ... from out of the cockpit....
...over the Austrian Alps.   Only the camera can register the propellorblades in flight
View on the closed hatch   The loadmaster straps on and prepares for opening
A fine view is ours !   This way from the opened hatch...
... humanitairian help can be provided...   ...such as dropping food-packages...
 ...or any other material or equipment   Meanwhile we enjoy this flight...
...and the nice views it gives on lakes...   ...on the Austrian villages...
... the high Alpes...   ...who would'nt like these beautiful sights ??
Bernhard Staudacher debriefs us after the filght    We enjoy this last frontal view on the C-130K !....
.... and also the last views from the hatch into the deep of beautiful Austria !
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Thank you Rudi Thumfarth for all yor trouble, attention and arrangements !