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First helicopters check the area Guns are inspected on the ground
Helicopters land... ... on a special part in the terrain
Guests and press are flown in As well as some foreign guests
We co to the main building... ... and we have a briefing about the coming exercise
Some equipment is shown, and we are beeing prepared for what is coming up, live firing with SAM missiles !
A fox target drone in his last hours... Launched from a rail
And leaving for his destiny, meeting a deadly SAM ! In between cannons practice also on drones
A land target is hit, pieces skim over the water Tanks also practice live firing
Tank 'Johnny' salutes the generals and press... ... and shows his skills, mighty fast !!
Several types of missiles are fired You have to be fast with the camera !
Another one... ... hits the air !
Minor second to be followed with the camera... ... and already out of reach
Once again.... .... another shot
At two miles away the hits on the drones can be seen ! Small radar vehicel
SAM-2's are launched ! Here it goes
Very fast following a drone The artllary keeps on practicing on drones
More SAM's are fired We are proud to be able to winess this !
The heat misleads the camera it it were night... But it's broad daylight !
One after one... SAM's are fired
Foreign observers follow the exercise Once again...
... hardly to fast for us... ... but never the less...
... captured by camera ! Radar follows the missiles...
... and the hits are to be registrated by the eye... ... at the moment of impact !
We get demonstrated a giant 'Globe'.... ... and the control panels
...where all kinds of circumstances can be created ... to practice with armoured cars and light weaponery
Outside the observers follow the results... of these SAM's
Also all kind of Staff is present Results are evaluated
And we are treated on very fine delicatesses... ... and a tremendous barbecue !!
Thank you all involved for the hospitality... ... and all the answers given during the interviews !
Thank you als very much Cristi for your time and support ! 
Wim Das-photographer-redaction / Koos Heemskerk-photographer / Officer Cristi Preda / Kees Otten-author
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