Nordholz Airday Germany            

Dutch Aviation Support visited the day before in sunny weather conditions...
... and the day itself - under dramatic thundersstorms and heavy lightning - the show was cancelled.
Introduction of the new P-3C ORION's
Enjoy this photographic impression of a sad day for the German Organisation and also all participants because of the weather and cancellation in the late afternoon. Also a sad day for the Royal Dutch Navy that said good-bye to its former Orions. Never the less we wish the German Crews and Navy pleasant flights and many happy landings !! (former Dutch 320 / 321 Sqn MVKV)
Flypast new Orion P-3C , guided by Neptunes
Commander Kumpel welcomes the New Orions P-3C at Nordholz
Nordholz Airday was well prepared with the German well known 'Grundlichkeit' 
The presentation was visited by VIP's and Press, then still in sunny conditions........
Commander Kumpel spoke his words of welcome
VIP's , press and invited people were able to admire the new plane
The day before gave excellent pictures, like these special painted Neptune and Phantom
All over the field were planes displayed, as this Neptune and Pollution Control Dornier 228
The day before we could make nice pictures while planes and pilots were practicing
An AWACS gave 'acte de presence'
A special coloured Lynx and PC-9 were to be seen at the platform
Some logo's 
At first on the actual Airday there were some demonstrations of planes and helicopters
But in the afternoon weather became that bad that the show had to be cancelled because of storm and heavy lightning
Dutch Coastguard flew in low pass over the area

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