Aero L- 39 Albatros and MIL Mi-24 Hind  
Aeronautica & Difesa dedicated this mega-article to the Transition of the Hungarian Airforce
Hungary said goodbye to Mig-21 Fishbeds and made it's choice for the Ultra new GRIPEN !
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Lost quantity out of the Cold war period at Papa Airbase  
The new parade-horse of the Hungarian Airforce: The GRIPEN !
Leased from Sweden, it now belongs to the Hungarian Air Defense
Still alive and kicking: Gripens predecessor the Mig-29 Fulcrum
Transport horse the Antonov-26 - for training the yak is still trustworthy 
The L-29 Albatros, here at Kecskemet Airshow
Again the An-26, also at Kecskemet Airshow
The former 'Killer' Fulcrum Mig-29 departing for a mission
 Inside of the An-26  Transports, armament, the Hind has got it !
Mil-MI-17 Hip, here in action in a SAR mission 
MI-17 Hip in front Hind from beHind....
Don't mess around with this guy, and never underestimate the Hind !
Mig-21 Fishbeds , stored at Papa The Hind is a multi-role helicopter !
The Albatros in it's military camo - Kecskemet
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