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Frontpage and seven pages dedicated to the Dutch Coastguard watching over the Northsea 


Aranysas magazine reports of a full day with the 'Forresters' of the North Sea


The Dutch Coast Guard Dornier DO-228 PH-MNZ doing checks on illegal oil dumps and ship routes 
Our day starts on a sunny sundaymorning
 Usually the DO-228 flies from MVK 'De Kooy' , this time from 'Schiphol-Oost'
 Crew of today: Mark Foppele, Bert Backus and Roel Hondema. Flying: Koos Heemskerk (l) and Wim Das (r)
 Mark is substitute today. About his sick collegue:  You shouldn't let your girlfriend cook, go to the Mac !
 After take-off we start with a small control along the Dutch Beaches
Next the checks start concerning illegal oil-dumps (SLAR-radar) and ship routes 
Bert Backus is the Environmental Expert, he controls the consoles and screens as well as visual outside
The main console in the back, the front one is for checks made by custom authorities, police or even AIVD !
View at the SLAR Side Lokking Airborne Radar under the DO-228 to track and trace oil pollution at sea
Roel and Mark's primarily fly the plane, but they also do visual checks on ships. Pictures are made.  
A closer look at Bert's console, and the Cockpit as far as our camera ables us
On the way back home the 'Tak-lift 7' lifts a wreck, we check if there is no (oil) pollution involved. All o.k.!
Back home again along the coast and a landing after a flight of some 3,5 hours.
Returned at Schiphol Airfield, minutes before debriefing. Bert has his data in the suitcase.  
The DO-228 will be parked in it's hangar. We will get rid of our sweatty suits and life saving sets
Flying: Koos Heemskerk (l) and Wim Das (r) Author: Kees Otten.
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Thanks Dutch Coast Guard, Bert, Roel & Mark for the opportunity and fun !