Training Italian: The Elephant & The Mouse ! 

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PISA: C-130-J30   Hercules   Frosinone: NH500E Defender
  ...'The Elephant'...   o o o    ... &  'The Mouse' !  
C-130J Hercules at Pisa platform Defender in front of the Frosinone Tower  
C-130J-30 extended version at Pisa platform View from the tower over the Airbase
Like a warehouse... inside the Herc ! The NH-500E Defender
Cockpit stripped: Maintainance It's such a tiny but fine machine !
Complete review of the engines NH-500 with KFOR insignia
And back on the wings again One crew goes, another hops in !
Hercules simulator at Pisa All day it seems like a wasp nest over here...
Our instructor showed us every button ! No problem reaching the engine
Hercules simulator, to be extended with 2 extra cabins Up you go and off you go...
Hercules simulator, so far the Hercules column....       Training, refuelling, all by tight schedules  
Excuse us, but from here on... the Elephant lost and the Mouse has won !  
On with the program ! Very clean maintainance hangars !
View over the platform Frosinone It really is a coming and going all day !
On Frosinone you also find this SH-3D/HSea-King... View in the cockpit of the Defender
... as well as this AB-212 Griffon Lorry to transport the NH-500 fast 'n easy
Logo NH-500 Op's       NH-500 can also land on water this way
Polizia di Stato A-109-AII Helicopter at Frosinone
 Boxcar C-119-G. Pisa. Standing in front of a memorial building to honour the crew who was killed in the Balkan crisis.
 About the Elephant and the Mouse: Who laughs last laughs best ! 
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