An ARANYSAS publication collegue Endre Karpati from Hungary
Romanian AF in good advertising by our Hungarian Collegue !

The Fortele Aeriene Romane also on itís way to NATO

Mr. KARPATI kindly allows us to show his excellent article in combination with our extended
Romanian AF - Photo-impression  (scroll down to yellow button)  
                      PRESENT,  FUTURE AND A LITTLE HISTORY                             
 Antonov-30 'Clank' 

Mig-21 Bis III (Aerostar) 

  Mig-21 UM
A modern Politia SAR helicopter, with life-saving equipment from Otopeni 
Quite complete and well equipped helicopter   EC-135 'Looking Glass' Otopeni
A 'Hip' VIP helicopter, quite imposing on the inside ! 
L-39ZA Albatros is coming in, and pilots are helped out
Baza Aeriana Bacau, near main entrance. 
Delphin lands at Bacau and is beeing parked.
Soim, Albatros and Lancer-B land on Bacau and are taken care of.
IAR-99 SOIM and a landing L-39 'Albatross' 
Base commander about 'Piloot en Vliegtuig'   We were offered a flight in the Politia MI-8 !
The Antonov beeing pictured at arrival, while others do the interviewing (Koos Heemskerk r.)
Quite a flight in this by the 'West' for years underestimated helicopter
Romania's infrastructure improves now   New houses with firm luxury are beeing built 
We observed this all from out this MI-8   And see complete new neighbourhoods
Ofcourse there is a lot to be done still   But modern houses and buildings appear !
School of Aviation - Otopeni   Another EC-135 - Polizia

The 'Scuola Superioara De Aviatie Civila',

  We spoke to the Director General.
Various LanceR's at campia Turzii
LanceR's B twinseaters
Mig-29 Fulcrum at Mihail Kogalniceanu and a Puma in maintainance
AN-2 'Colt' and a LanceR-B  All te be read about in our articles (scroll below)
We got Alouette demonstration and a very friendly welcome by commander and staff
Live fired variety of SAM missiles at Capu Midia range
Activity all over the place   The simulator globe with various possibilities
Finally some IAR-330 SOCAT-Puma pictures at Titu Boteni 
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Thank you Liliana Tanase for all your help and guidance !