Expected soon: Trident Juncture 2018 EDA's exercise Hotblade '18 Portugal More to come Trident Juncture Norway 2018  More to come
Hotblade 2014 Ovar exercise Portugal EDA's Black Blade exercise Belgium 2015 NATO TIGERMEET Zaragoza Spain EDA's Fire Blade exercise Hungary  DACT Training Gando Airbase Spain

Lakota Helicopter for the USA at Hohenfels Air Forces Monthly reports: Indonesia ! Italian Blade EDA exercise Viterbo (It) Dutch helicopters in MALI AFM reported about RoAF in NATO

  Giuseppe Garibaldi Harrier Carrier Special C-17 Globemaster project 12 countries ! Radom Poland show impressions KADEX Kazakhstan impressions Slovak AF Mig-29 only left combat AC
Slovak AF AFM Dutch contribution  Slovak MI-17's converted in SAR role Indonesian Army Aviation Achmad Yani HAF 1st Mirage 2000 Dash-5 delivered Swiss Hawks still stored 

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 More to come The Radom Airshow Bouncing Flares  More to come AFM: Eu Airforce Transports part. More to come

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