(1)La Nave Giuseppe Garibaldi (1)

All items are special. Three days at GARIBALDI is most special !
a Dutch Aviation Support publication
In The Netherlands, Romania, Hungary and United Kingdom
Part 1: Sailing out & on decko

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La Nave Garibaldi at full sea in all it's glory !
Garibaldi in the harbour of Taranto, the afternoon before departure
During exercise we flew the precausious circuit with the Sea King. Normally the helicopter does
not fly this left circuit but always the right one. Just this once for press opportunity the Captain
allowed this specific route to able us to make this and following pictures around the ship
with an opened door.
Frontal view... ... and from behind
The Harriers from Grottaglie fly their missions. They come from behind and fly left next to the
ship to their landing spot. Last moment they move to the right over the deck and from a
few meters they lower the machine on deck by tempering the lifting-power. 
Always disciplined movements on deck View on the front bridge 
Pictures graved on your mind !  View on backside bridge
A Harrier approaches from left-behind Hits the deck and gets informed
It's a coming and going And a lot of parking activities
After 1,5 hours of Sea King flight we approach the ship for landing. 
PAGE 2:  CONTAINS - The Harriers fly in - Practicing on deck
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Our special thanks to Tanya and Diana who made it possible !