Dutch Aviation Support publication 
August 2005 Dutch Aviation Support visited the International Airshow at Kecskemet. We reported 
in our magazine ' Piloot en Vliegtuig'. For those who like to see more about this fine plane, and  
competitor of the French Rafale and Eurofighter 2000, we show you a selection  of mighty
images. No, let's be frank, most of these ones we didn't picture air-to-air , but they were kindly provided 
by GRIPEN Sweden. Enjoy the images !
During the International Airshow of kecskemet at 6 and 7 august 2005 there was more than enough ' Gripen power' to admire, beeing it from Swedish side. The Hungarian JAS-39 Gripen was still in test-flight phase by that time. The plane is expected in march 2006.
Tijdens de Internationale Airshow van Kecskemet van 6 en 7 augustus viel genoeg ' Gripen geweld' te bewonderen, maar dan van Zweedse kant. De Hongaarse JAS-39 Gripen  bevond zich toen nog in de testvlucht fase. Het toestel wordt pas in maart 2006 verwacht.
Gripen arrives and taxies to platform
No, the second one is ehm... another !
Refuelled by South African Airforce !
The static simulator
Wonder if they'd trade it for a Starfighter...  :-)
Brotherly together: Hungary, Czech and Swedish Gripen
 Example painted in Hungarian colours
 Also Czech republic choose for Gripen (see homepage, click <articles> )
Again with South African Airforce Boeing
A productionline for South African GRIPENS was started in 2003
How many countries will still follow next to these, Slovakia, Greece and  Brasil ?
Read more about the Czech AF taking GRIPEN in use at this site 
 Last ones guys, it would become too much.....
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Thank you Mr. Laszlo Feher for your kind coorporation at Kecskemet Hungary !
Thanks Mr. Deszo Kiss for your help and efforts during our stay in Hungary !