SLOVAK AF 2003 Malacky- Kuchina- Sliac- Trencin

Dutch Aviation Support visited to make a reportage for the magazine 'Piloot en Vliegtuig'  
( 'Pilot and Airplane' )  the largest independent Dutch Aviation Magazine
You'll meet old articles like these, we retain them for nostalgic reasons
Here the publication we had in 2003, even in the old lay-out of the magazine
Here we present you the photographic impressions next to the article:
Unfortunately Dutch Aviation Support were the last to make pictures of Fulcrums 6930 and 6829 which crashed a few days later after a mid-air collision. We'd like to dedicate the article and this page to both pilots and planes that flew for the freedom of us all. Never forget these men !

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6930 Tribute 6829 Tribute
 Mig-29A 6930 Sliac MM  Mig-29A 6829
 All pictures...
... of both Fulcrums...
 ...were taken...
 ... at the Sliac ramp.
so far 6930 so far 6829
 Back to the shelter  This one you may recognise from airshows
 Fulcrum VIP.  Very Impressive Plane
Biele Albatrossy demoteam...  Landing at Sliac
 *** Guess what for Christmas ?....... ***  Malacky Kuchina - L-29 Delfins
 Maintainance after flying
 Delfins cockpit  Frogfoot
 SU-25K's stored in the open 
 Waiting for their destiny
 But still very impressive
 Qualification: Real Plane for historic point of view !  But mind this guy from Presov
 A real battleship platform !
 Peak-a-boo...   Antonov 26 the transport workhorse
 Mig-15BIS-T Fagot guiding the gate  Mig-21MF Fishbed
 Biele Albatrossy Demo-team


               The only operational Mig-21 Fishbed at that very moment (2002) present stage unknown

 Present stage unknown, last seen sept 03 (Scramble)
 Mig-21's stored at Sliac in their brown / green camo...
 ...or in their silvergrey jackets  Let L- 410T  for light transport tasks
 L-39 Albatros still going strong !
 The only 'Hip' seen that day from Presov  A line of SUKHOI-22  'Fitter' 
 Some cockpit covered for the sun
 But still very operational if neccessary
 SU-22 Cockpit 
Often we have been asked: ' Why is it you want to picture the old and lame ' ducks' , the wrecks and relics, the stored and the written off planes and frames ?' The answer is quite simple. Click at the 'your history' page on the main-page. Many aviation enthousiast like to see and read about the history. And let's be frank, any airforce that denies it's history is no airforce. It just would'nt be fair to the men and women who worked with these historic machines.   That's why.  So we always hope to be permitted to picture this history next to all advanced, digital, up-dated and modern high tech machines. Look at some history of the Slovak Airforce down here.
 Caproni CA-3 New to be built copy of the original from 1913 used as bomber in 1915.  
 Mil MI-2 Hoplite - Trencin    Mil MI-8T Hip
 Mig-21PF Fishbed  L-29RS Delfin
 Mig-21U-600 Mongol  Mig-21U Mongol to be repaired for Trencin museum
 Let L-410-FG Turbolet  Mig-21U-600 Mongol, all at Trencin 
 Mig-21PFM  SU-7BM
 Avia-14S (IL-14) Crate  Su-7 Fitter-A
 Albatros L-39  Mig-21PFM, so far about former AFB Trencin 
      'Russian Dakota' Lisunov-2 (LI-2) Preserved in front of the city-hall at banska Bistrica - Slovak Republic
Dutch Aviation Support reports about planes and the men and women in- and behind the planes for anyone who is interested in (military) aviation. We hope you enjoyed this page and the contents of our article.

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