Dutch Aviation Support published many articles in Aerea & Naval quality magazines !
This is how we work:
We hope to welcome the newborn Fuerza Aerea late 2016
In the of summer 2006 we visited several Spanish Airbases to publish about
Fuerza Aerea contributors published a large article about General Juan Esteban Verastegui.
Dutch Aviation Media was his guest one day at the base for interview, pictures and more..... !
A small impression of this exclusive visit, and some images how we do our job.
Showing our magazines during an excellent lunch ! 
Talking about home.... and the reason for our visits...
The General and his staff gave us a load of information...
And also a very fine lunch with Spanish specialties !
Impressions of our team working to get all the information needed...
We are used to work thoroughly on interview and research, picturing details...
Story and pictures have to match at the end of the product which is sent to the magazines
We take a lot of effort in interviews with commanders, pilots and technicians
The answer to one question often leads to another question or subject
The more you see, the better you understand how such a massive base works !
Finally, after approval of the PR dept. there is a report, in which participants recognize themselves, in which the taxpayers understand the good and neccessary work the defence forces perform, and the aviation minded readers can have impressions about all this and so - sometimes unknowingly - build a firm bond with everything that military aviation offers the civilians like safety and protection !   

  We also share stories from other countries with readers in Spain ! 

 we'll meet you in the magazines !