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EDA's Hotblade 2018 Beja Portugal   AXALP 2008 Exercise Switzerland Blue Angels in Europe AFB Leeuwarden ! Tigermeet Belgium Kleine Brogel 2009 Airfan France reports: Indonesia !
Royal International Air Tattoo 2004 Romanian AC Ind. & IAR-99  SOIM 1st Edition RoAF REVIEW  Royal Netherlands Air Force RNLAF Starfighter & Typhoon Italy
 Aermacchi 7000 hrs celebration Italy Vulcan Flying Shadow back in the air ! Royal Netherlands Airforce RNLAF Aermacchi magazine leads us to M-346  Tribute to Dutch Veterans of WW-II
Airfan France reports: Afghanistan ! C-17 Globemaster Part-2 (33 pages) C-17 Globemaster Part-1 (40 pages) C-17 Globemaster project Dutch AH-64solo Demoteam 2013
 Guiseppe Garibaldi The Harrier Carrier Concept: S-38B Sikorsky OSA's ARK Saudi Arabian Eagles in 'Greenshield II' Malta Harbour-Air Twin Otter Tours Hradec Kralove: CIAF 2009 'The Day After'
Axalp Exercise 2008 Swiss F-5  Bulgaria Coop Key 2005   Royal Dutch Navy  & Impression  AMW Aermacchi leads to M-346 and M-311 Impressions Operation Market Garden 2006
 Impressions Royal Dutch Navy     Indian Airforce SU-30 GARUDA II Guest in Israel during visit - Intercom 9 Polish AF, DOL and 5 Photoimpressions!   Nordholz Airday and F-16 Pilot Killed
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  Indian Flankers Istres France Garibaldi helicopters: Complete Special sent F-16's Concept: Guarding the Dikes Tribute to 'A Bridge too far...' Czech Airforce Base Visit 
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