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TopguN  NOVEMBER 2008

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eElite 2008 - Germany: An overview of various bases. We'll see a varity of planes...


 ...and we report about several arms and radarsystems we show you the activities in the fields ...


... and on the next page you'll find our article and impressions about ELITE 2006 - 2008


A fine LanceR from Romania, Lechfeld platform (2006) , and a Polish Fitter (2008)
Expressly pleasant present were the Italians with their Tornado's this year 2008 !
2008 brought extremely bad weather, here a few moments of a little sun
Italian Tornado's prepare for an afternoon mission 
In case of emergency: Prepared ! In case of a scramble: Go go !  
While some depart, others return. Spanish F/A-18 and Norwegian Falcon
Last of Lechfeld for now: A Turkish Tornado takes-off for Heuberg range to 'play' with GBAD.


Laupheim is the homebase of the heavy stuff: CH-53 
From here the machines started, to do their exercises with flares at Heuberg range
Heuberg also was the guest base for other helicopter types such as the Boilkow 105 and A-109


Landsberg near Lechfeld is the more quit transportbase for the Transall's...
... and the Breguet Atlantiques also find their homebase here.
This here example gets a maintainance service on it's radar-radome under the belly
Large planes on large platforms...
... and ofcourse troop transports are part of the exercise and task for the C-160's.
A few views on the Landsberg fire brigade...
... main building and tower.
LTG-61 houses the C-160 and the UH-1D Huey's
A Polish participant taxies to the runway, and the Transall's are prepared for flight.
Nice to see: A view in the cockpit and cargo-room and hatch of the Transall
Klaus Kaefer guided us all day, thanks for all your efforts on our requests !
A last Landsberg view, on the departing C-160 Transall
Exclusive overview of Heuberg Range coming up ! 
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Wim Das - Kees Otten - Koos Heemskerk Elite 2008
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