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C-17's based at Papa Airbase Hungary EDA's Hotblade '18 exercise Portugal More to come Trident Juncture exercise Norway 2018 JSF finally flies in Holland ! 
1- Russian Berievs at NATO base fight fire ! 2- 90 Years Swedish AF  & Flying museum  Real Thaw 2017 Exercise Portugal Soon new Articles on this page ! EDA's Fire Blade 2017 exercise Hungary
DACT Gando Gran Canaria Spain Belgian NH-90 Decklanding training Tigermeet Spain Zaragoza 2016 Coldblade Finland EDA Exercise Eda's Black Blade  exercise Belgium
German-Dutch Cooperation  Malbork Poland QRA Baltic Airspace New German-Dutch Cooperation  Belgian Airforce 70 years celebration ! Two capable titans meet

Mali protection force   by Dutch Airfore  Italian Blade exercise Viterbo by EDA Chasing Pirates in the Caribbean Last operational Corsair: 'Goodbye !' Vulcan: Another Warbird rests

NSS-Top The Hague The Netherlands Pegasus Bridge memorial flight SU-22 Poland 30-Years celebration  Largest exercise 2014 'Joint Warrior' Frisian Flag & EART Exercises
Dutch Open Days 2013 by Miklos Toldi Norwegian Airforce in the spotlight Blue Flag Israel Exercise 2013 ! Axalp 2012 Swiss live firing exercises Phantoms Phorever by Endre Karpati

Guarding the Dutch dikes for disaster CH-53 Helicopter Rheine Bentlage Kadex Kazachstan: New markets ! 'El Ultimo Bronco' en Europa Dutch Open Days 2011 Leeuwarden AFB
Dutch Cougar retired, Adieu ! Turkish Airforce Competes with the age DHC Defense Helicopter Command Dutch KDC-10 refuelling system  Slovak Airforce view 2008
 Polish M-28 BRYZA Transporter Chinook Frontpage  Doubledutch Marine Patrol various countries Lakota UH-72 German Army Hohenfels Two Dutch Hercules new C-130H-30
50 Years SAR Leeuwarden AB CAE Aviation ´We see you, you don´t see us ! Slovenian Airforce on the move Iswahyudi: Pilot 1000 Hrs on the F-5 Spanish Naval Airbase Rota !
Alenia/Aermacchi M-311 Italy Alenia/Aermacchi M-346 Italy Ericson Skycrane Greece, Spain & Italy Afghanistan - Kandahar Special !  DC-6B - Red Bull Hangar 8 - Salzburg
1- Dutch Coastguard over the North Sea 2- Indian Airforce visits Europe Cold War keeping alive Bruntingthorpe UK Apache Nightflight Refuelling Afghanistan!  Romanian Airforce Article E.Karpati
1- FAMET Army Aviation Spain 2- Firefighters Greece Spain Italy 3- Irish Air Corps Baldonell 1- Hellenic Airforce 2007 ! 2- Albania's moving steps towards Europe
Kleine Brogel did it again ! RIAT Fairford 2007 AIRSHOW HMS Rotterdam Naval Carrier article part 1 HMS Rotterdam Naval Carrier article part 2 Lechfeld Elite Exercises 2006-2008
 Romanian Air Force in NATO Bierset Helidays 2007 Belgium RSV Italian Test Squadron Swiss Search and Rescue Rosa Garcia 1st Spanish Female Pilot !
 Bierset Helidays EU's largest helicopter show  Bulgaria COOP Key Exercise  

    Blue Angels in the    Netherlands !

 French Aeronavale extended story !   Bristow SAR over the North Sea
Giuseppe Garibaldi  'Harrier Carrier'  Italy Defense Force Israel IDF in Aranysas Disbandment Dutch 320/321 sqn Orions Italy AMX: Still in the mix !   Isreal Aircraft Industries IAI !
 Austrian Airforce 'On the Move !' 1-  Double Dutch Airforce/Army action 2-  Nordholz Airday Germany P-3 Orion 3- SAAB 105 special Austria Mouse & The Elephant Italian Training  
Canadian Airforce base Comox Dutch Navy & Photo- tribute to Valkenburg Swiss 'Wiederholungskurs' 'The art of Warfare'  TLP Belgium Dutcch Navy presented in 2 parts

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